Earth Retaining Walls

As a forward thinking company TKL Earthworks have adapted to the ever changing demands of the construction industry.

With the development of new technology we can offer cost effective earth retaining solutions. TKL have the ability to design a package individual to the clients requirements.


Numerous Solutions

We are delighted to offer the following earth retaining wall solutions:

  • Reinforced Earth Wall – Galvanised Straps technique
  • Gabion Basket Walls – Stoned Faced/Timber Faced
  • Reinforced Slope Stabilisation – Geotextile Reinforcement
  • Timber Permacrib Retaining Walls

Individually tailored

There are a number of advantages to using our earth retaining walls. Not only are they cost effective, but on site materials can be crushed and utilised which reduces time and manpower.

Earth retaining walls are uncomplicated to assemble and because of their flexibility can be tailored to each individual contract irrelevant of ground conditions.

Frank Haslam MilanCheddington Grove, Bradford£65,000Gabion Basket Retaining Wall; 150m in length, 3m high.
Frank Haslam MilanCross Catherine Street, Leeds£30,000Gabion Basket Retaining Wall to rear gardens; 100m in length, 1-1.45m high Face of wall local natural stone & hand placed.
Frank Haslam MilanWood Lane, Huddersfield£55,000Gabion Basket Retaining Wall to retain adjacent road & form rear gardens; 100m in length & 3.5m high. Recycling materials on site.
Bernhards Landscapes5 Wiers Walk, Attercliffe Sheffield£125,000Foundation built on river bed of River Don & gabion basket mattress used as the foundation to the wall.
Allen HomesPudsey, Leeds£45,000Construction of timber faced Gabion Basket wall along the banks of a local river, retaining car parking for the development.
Bramall ConstructionQuarry Mount, Scarborough£50,000Gabion Basket Retaining wall to rear gardens; 150m in length & 3m high.